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Outside the Omniverse: Halloween Edition

All Hallows’ Eve is just around the corner, is the Games Omniverse team ready? Read on to see how they answered my hard hitting, insightful, zombie apocalyptic, Halloween inspired questions.

1) Favorite scary game, book, or movie?

Angel Leigh McCoy: So many possibilities! If I had to choose one, I’d have to say The Exorcist novel by William Peter Blatty.

Autumn Frazee: Hmm…. favorite game, hands down is the Fatal Frame series and if I can only pick one, Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly.

Giles Wood: No Brainer! Resident evil on the PSone! Those dogs jumping through the window…Argh!

Daniel B. King: My favorite scary game would be Alien: Isolation. My favorite scary movie is a movie I saw long ago when I was still able to be scared by movies and that is “The Hand” with Michael Caine.

Jason Mellott: Phantasmagoria. The acting doesn’t really hold up anymore, but as one of Roberta Williams’ last forays into game design, it holds a special, scary, place in my heart.

Curtis Bisbee: Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, and More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. I still have my copy of the later from when I was a kid. I love those books because the stories were creepy as hell when I was younger… but because Stephen Gammell’s work on the illustrations is bar none some of my favorite works of art.

Ella Johanson: I don’t think many people realize horror films are basically modern morality plays. I’m a sucker for a slasher flick. Nightmare on Elm Street is my favorite. Freddie cracks me up.

Trisha Renken-Sebastian: I scare too easily to enjoy scary video games. My favorite scary book so far is the first one I read all by myself: It, by Stephen King. I think I was somewhere between 10 and 12 when I read it for the first time.

2) You’re being turned into a paranormal creature, which would you rather be and why? (Such as, zombie, werewolf, vampire, demon, witch or ghost.)

Angel Leigh McCoy: Witch, so I could make magic!

Autumn Frazee: I’d have to go with Witch.  Magic is a huge plus.  Also, I’m still alive; vampires and zombies are technically undead, eww.  Ghost and demon, also not of the living, plus ghosts have a harder time communicating.  Witches also have 100% their own free will, no turning into a frenzied wolf, a mindless zombie, or a vampire or demon with no soul or conscience.  Maybe I’m dissecting this too much lol, but hands down a witch!

Giles Wood: Oh clearly a vampire! Immortality for the Win!

Daniel B. King: I think I would have to go with a demon somewhere along the lines of the Djinn or perhaps a bit more Pinhead.

Halloween Fun!

Halloween Wishlist

Jason Mellott: There are a thousand different vampire mythologies, but – vampire. Me, but stronger, immortal, and with a nasty bloodlust as a downside?  Sign me up for that!

Curtis Bisbee: Demon… as long as I’m not some low level peon demon. Don’t need to be a king either… maybe just head of west coast operations.

Ella Johanson: Zombies lose their sense of self. Traditional werewolves destroy those they love. I think I’d be a witch and give Hermione a run for her “best witch of her age” title.

Trisha Renken-Sebastian: A ghost, but not one of the kinds that gets stuck haunting one location. I’d like to be able to travel all around the world and see/experience things, talk to people who are sensitive enough to hear me, help people find their missing socks and/or shoes. I’d be a friendly ghost.

3) You and a friend are watching a scary movie. You hear strange noises coming from the basement. Do you check it out?

Angel Leigh McCoy: Gotta be honest here — no. I’ve seen too many scary movies to know you don’t go check out the strange noise.

Autumn Frazee: Yes, but not right then.  I’d lock the basement up until morning and then check everything out in the bright sunlight, opening all the basement windows first, if it had any.

Giles Wood: Yes, I don’t believe in ghosts and I’ll take a larger heavy baseball bat with me better than them creeping up on me while I’m asleep!

Daniel B. King: Of course I do! Who else is going to protect the wife and kid?

Jason Mellott: We live in California. We don’t have basements. Where did that basement come from?! How did it get there?!  I’m not going in there! You can’t make me!

Ella Johanson: Nah, I send my friends one at a time. However, I do not run up the stairs, go to the restroom, take a shower, or have sex.

Curtis Bisbee: Nope… I just smile quietly to myself and wait for my friend to hear it too.

Trisha Renken-Sebastian: Of course, I do! It’s probably my husband and he needs help with something. Unless he’s actually in the upstairs office instead… Then, who’s in the basement…..!?

4) You’re trapped in an elevator with your one favorite character (from a game/movie/TV show/comic/ whatever) outside, a horde of fast zombies try to claw their way in. Before you can escape through the trap door, you hear a heavy thud on the roof. Then another thud, and another as more of the living dead fling themselves down the shaft intent on eating your brains…what happens next and who are you with?

Angel Leigh McCoy: I’m with Buffy. I relax with a glass of wine–which I just happen to have in my hand–and offer witty banter while she pulverizes the zombies.

Daniel King: Tallahassee! (Woody Harrelson in “Zombieland”) I would just stand there laughing my ass off while watching him trash all the zombies before we climbed out and headed back out in search of Twinkies.

Jason Mellott: I cringe in terror until I hear a high-pitched whir followed by an explosion. The door opens and I hear “I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite elevator on the Citadel.” We share a good laugh and then we play a few rounds of cards before the Reapers show up.

Curtis Bisbee: Seeing as how I’m with Logan… I don’t think I’ll have much to worry about (I don’t buy the marvel zombies take on him… his healing factor has been used to cure a lot worse than a zombie virus. he’d be ok). I’d just sit back with a sawed-off and pick off anything still moving after he slices his way through the crowd.

Ella Johanson: Heck, in this situation, I’d have to have Carl/Chandler Riggs from Walking Dead. He knows his way around a zombie invasion, and I think we could take them. Besides, have you seen his blue eyes?

5)      Share a funny, favorite, or embarrassing Halloween picture with us. 

Angel Leigh McCoy: Me and my silly ArenaNet coworkers one Halloween a few years ago. (Scott McGough, Bobby Stein, me, and David Wilson)

Halloween Fun!

Halloween fun with Angel and friends!

Curtis Bisbee: Here is my favorite family costume we’ve done so far. The first Halloween with our youngest, we went as a nuclear family… you can’t see it in this picture too well, but I had green glow necklaces in my gloves so they emitted a healthy radioactive glow all night.

Halloween Fun!

Bisbee nuclear family.

Ella Johanson: Why on earth would I do that? LOL. Just kidding. Here’s a picture from last year. My pumpkin. I nearly cut my finger off carving it, so yeah, that’s pretty embarrassing. Jackie O’ turned out okay though, don’t you think?

Halloween Fun!

Ella’s pumpkin!

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