10 Classic (and Awesome) Games You Can Play with the Dire Multiverse Card Deck

Need some ideas for ways to show your family and friends your sweet new card deck? Here’s some suggestions on a variety of fun games to entertain for hours!

Poker – timeless, classic, and with so many ways to play! Ante up and get ready to try your luck!

Need a game for just you and your best bud? Try playing War and see who comes out as the victor in this battle for two!

Slapjack will test your reflexes; in this game for two or more people, see who has the fastest hands in the old west!

Whoever said 3 was the magic number didn’t know about the Crazy 8! Gather the 8’s and Faces to get the most points, highest score wins!

Old Maid is a game for 2 or more where players discard pairs of cards until only a Queen remains, don’t get caught with the Old Maid at the end!

Cast a line to find as many four of a kinds as you can in Go Fish.

How quick can you grab the cutlery? Gather up four of a kind and claim the Spoon to be the last one standing.

Hope you have some tricks up your sleeve or you might end up in Spades! The one with the lowest score wins!

Are you a master of memorization? Find the pairs and test your Concentration.

Some days, a little time alone is good for the soul. Solitaire is a great way to challenge yourself in the quiet hours.

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