Angel McCoy, Creative Director

Angel Leigh McCoy

Angel Leigh McCoy plays Ohmega on the Dire Multiverse audio drama.
Angel Leigh McCoy is the creative force behind the Dire Multiverse world, including the “Dire Multiverse” audio drama, the Danika Dire video game (in production), and various works of fiction to come.

You might know her through her ten years as a narrative designer for the online fantasy game Guild Wars 2, her writing on the Remedy video game called CONTROL, or through her short fiction.

She has published 20+ horror and dark fantasy short stories in publications such as Strange Aeons, Necrotic Tissue, Beast Within 2, Fear of the Dark, and Growing Dread: Biopunk Visions, among others. Her story “Crack O’Doom,” printed in the anthology Fear of the Dark earned her an honorable mention in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year, volume 4, 2012.

She is co-creator of the Wyrdwood Project and has a series of novels coming in that world.

She wears many other hats as well, including editor and audiobook narrator. You can keep an eye on her whirlwind at and @angelmccoy on Twitter and Facebook.


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