Autumn Frazee, Animator

Hello, I’m Autumn—your friendly, neighborhood animator! I’m working with the team to get some movement flowing through Danika’s life and her world. I’m normally very quiet but I’ll break out of my comfort zone for a second and tell you bit about me. I’ve been studying animation since high school and I’m currently a student at Animation Mentor.

Although this isn’t my first time working collaboratively with a creative group, this is my first time working on a game. I’m a laid back, roll-with-the-punches kind of person and that trait flows over to my animations; I’ve worked with many different styles and mediums from hand drawing my cells to computer animation like Flash or Maya. Whatever’s needed/whatever I feel like working with!

If you wanted to check out any of my other work, my website is

Outside of the animating, I like reading and watching exciting action shows on Netflix. My favorite color is currently a battle between pink and orange. I like cows and snakes and motorcycles and the only one on that list that I don’t own is a cow… but I do think it would be pretty neat to have a pigmy cow to follow me around (seriously, take a look at this Google search for “miniature American belties”, they are totes adorbz). My music tastes vary in the rock and roll genre from 70’s psychedelic like Yes to more modern alternative like Foster the People, depending on the day. I enjoy being outdoors, but I have yet to find a group of friends who does that sort of thing. Jeez, I could keep going on and on but I also like mystery, it keeps people interesting.

Now, my perfect Sunday would be… a scoop of cookies and cream ice cream between two scoops of peanut butter chocolate ice cream, drizzled with caramel and topped with shaved coconut and dark chocolate chunks. On bananas, of course… oh, is that not what you meant?

Notable Links: Amaranth Studios

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