Dire Multiverse Playing Cards

Whether you’re playing Poker, Rummy, or Home by Dark, you’ll love looking at and shuffling these beautiful cards designed with the Dire Multiverse’s “Dayspring” dimension in mind.

The cards come in two types (Basic and Enhanced) with two back options.

Customize your deck content with the Enhanced Deck. Each one contains 3 magnificent jokers and two blank cards so you can choose your Joker Poison or create cards that add unique dimension to whatever game you play.

Gilding on cards and tuckbox
The limited-edition Enhanced deck has gold metallic ink on the cards and gold foil on the box. It boasts a third Joker and blank cards that you don’t get in the Basic decks.

  • satin, linen finish for smooth shuffling and spreading
  • sturdy 310 gsm German paper for the cards
  • gold foil on tuckboxes
  • gold metallic ink on the cards
  • cellophane sealed deck

Free Gift: Lucky Poker Chip
All orders of the Enhanced deck come with a gift: a Lucky Yes/No poker chip to carry in your pocket or wallet for those times when you have to make a tough decision. (specially designed for the Dire Multiverse – $3 value)

Double-Deck Set includes storage box
Purchase the double deck set and receive a free plastic storage box to keep them together and protected.

      The basic deck has all the same magnificent artwork without the gold enhancement or the blank cards. It does have three jokers, so you can choose which to keep in your game.

  • same great art (minus the gilding)
  • 11pt. (280 micrometers) thickness
  • 320 gsm
  • black core card stock from German paper manufacturer Koehler
  • Embossed cards incorporate a subtle raised texture that creates air pockets for easier shuffling and dealing.
  • The tuckbox uses the unique DriveThruCards design.
Buy enhanced decks in our gift shop.
      Basic Summer Deck ($13)
Basic Autumn Deck ($13)

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