Carol Stein, QA

I’m Carol Stein, the Alpha Coordinator/QA Lead for Games Omniverse. I’m thrilled to be part of the amazingly talented team that is bringing Danika Dire’s world to life.

As a longtime gamer, it’s been my dream to be involved in game development. My journey started many years ago, when I applied for a QA tester position at a now defunct studio. I will never forget the words bestowed upon me on my first day on the job: “You aren’t here to play the game, but to break it as badly as you can.”

And boy, do I love breaking stuff.

The job only lasted six months but I loved every challenging moment of it. Since then, and before joining the Games Omniverse team, I’ve held an array of strange and interesting job titles, including research scientist in the biotechnology industry, salvage diver, massage therapist, and zoo keeper—which, unsurprisingly, has prepared me for motherhood. When I’m not breaking things for work, I enjoy doing home improvement projects, making elaborate costumes, taking photographs, making Kanzashi flowers, or cooking meals from various historical periods. If, on the off chance, I’m not building forts or secret science lairs for my kids, I’m probably sitting in front of my Xbox 360 shouting at dragons.

Facebook: Creations by Gallo
Twitter: @BitterMercy

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