Book Rec for Indie Game Teams

If you’re an indie game team leader or member with big dreams of indie success, read this highly praised book. If you read only one book this year, read this book. Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur of the scrappiest kind. He is so smart and has tons of experience making a business work in today’s world. This book is a question and answer session, where his followers ask the questions, and he answers them. So the topics come straight out of the mind of striving entrepreneurs.

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The Power of Choice

Have you ever dreamed of having a superpower? If so, great news, your dreams have come true. Bad news, we’re talking because you have not been doing well with your choice training. Yes I am 100% serious. Now pay attention! Try this game to make sure you are really paying attention. Choice is a fundamental […]

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Sharing is Caring

Hello everyone! Daniel here on behalf of Games Omniverse, I would like to talk for a moment about sharing and share some more of the work that is happening over here at Games Omniverse with the Danika Dire series that we have in the works. Here at Games Omniverse we are proud of the work […]

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The Sound of Games, Part 2/2

The Sound of Games Part 2: Sound Effects Sound effects in games are usually integrated so well that most gamers wouldn’t think twice about that well placed sword clash or the detail of footsteps on snow. But imagine a game without them?  Games Omniverse Sound Designer, Andre Bissonnette is back to share what it takes […]

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The Importance of Strong Female Characters

“Women are strong. And they live interesting lives. It’s time to tell their stories.” —Angel Leigh McCoy, Game Director at Games Omniverse. With the recent hashtag movements of #WeNeedDiverseBooks and #YesAllWomen, it seems appropriate to discuss strong female characters and their importance in games. Recently, a study determined that women are now the dominant gender […]

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Bringing Characters to Life

One important aspect of a successful video game, that we at Games Omniverse understand, is having a cast of characters worth caring about. An interesting story paired with great gameplay and excellent puzzles can only take the player so far without well-developed characters. Just like in movies and books, we want to cheer for our […]

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