Daniel B. King, Animator & Community Manager

Hello everyone! As Games Omniverse’s new social media/community manager you will, hopefully, come to know me well.

My name is Daniel B. King and I am a game designer, parent, husband, and fellow member of humanity. I have chosen to take on this journey with Games Omniverse in order to expand my base of game-related knowledge. As a recent Full Sail University graduate, I now hold a Bachelor of Science degree in game design and I continue to passionately pursue knowledge of the games industry, game design, games, and humanity. I also currently lead a team of designers working on two games in the Unreal Engine (UE4) in our spare time and I am a game design adviser and test subject for a gameplay study furthering our knowledge and understanding of how to design games for use in school curriculum.

Games and humanity are absolutely fascinating to me and I will enjoy getting to explore them both here at Games Omniverse. If you would like to come along on the journey with us drop by our links and see what is happening. You can find us at our home site, on Twitter, on Facebook, or on Tumblr. I hope to see you there and I thank you for dropping by to visit!

Website: KingDesigns
Twitter: @DanielBKing1529

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