Delacey-James Foster, Illustrator

My name is Delacey-James Foster, an experienced concept artist and storyboard illustrator. I was born in the beautiful countryside of Kent, known as “The Garden of England” located in the South East just outside the English capital of London. I grew up with a keen interest in storytelling. Having made numerous small films as a child and exploring storytelling both in 2D and 3D via art upon a canvas and behind a lens, it began to fuel my interest in all things creative.

Later in my childhood and early teenage years I focused my energy in Art and Media where I was able to participate and complete a BA in illustration; this in effect also gave me the opportunity to work on several film and media elective projects. This in turn fueled my creative passions further that lead me to pursue a career in my creative interests.

During my career I was able to transition from working as an artist to bringing my artwork to life with a variety of companies such as North America’s Sony Computer Entertainment, Los Angeles-based Crystal Sky Pictures, London-based Two Bells Productions and the Netherlands-based International Orange where I have been given the opportunity to work with directors, other artists and writers assisting with directing, storyboarding, concept artistry, on-location logistics, green-screen filming, and matte painting.

During my experience I have had the opportunity to work alongside several high profile professionals like Jamie Wood (son of The Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood), as well as writer/director Stuart Paul from the family-run Crystal Sky Pictures. I have also worked on several award-winning films, most notably “Reclamation” directed by David Lehleitner and starring Michael Masse, and with director Josh Mann for “Dystopia” starring Timothy V. Murphy.

I’m a determined, ambitious and hard working practitioner with a passion for all things creative and creativity has always and will continue to be a great part of my life. Thank you for taking the time to read my biography.


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