Emmeline Dobson, Illustrator

Hello! I’m illustrating props for Danika’s world from my creative studio in London, UK. It’s a privilege to be a part of this talented, multi-national team, and I can’t wait to see the result of our combined efforts!

When I’m not creating 2D artwork for games, I’m working on a story comic that I’m aiming to self-publish. Before embracing comics-making fully, I’ve worked on console games for 10 years, designing elements such as sabotage missions for Viking: Battle for Asgard, clues to be decoded by 19th century cryptozoologists, gesture-activated controls using the Nintendo Wii Remote, and many more diverse aspects. I love the focused, moment-to-moment craft of drawing and painting with traditional media, as well as the limitless scope of building imaginary worlds in the fields of writing and games design. My aim is to impart the sorts of feelings of joy and wonder I experienced as a teenager, devouring anime (back in the days of VHS tape!) and Japanese role-playing games on systems like the SNES!

Currently I’m exploring more digital tools for illustration; experimenting further with colour, virtual brushes, pastels, and other simulated media; expanding my understanding of lighting, composition, perspective; and so on. 3D modelling is another skill I’m actively levelling-up!

Besides the worlds of games and comics, I have interests in science, history, emotional health and wellbeing, Christian spirituality, theology, and philosophy. I also enjoy visiting museums, galleries, and shows, and have traveled to 18 different countries, with a distinct bias for destinations known for cultural history, curry, or both.

Website: www.emeraldsong.com
Twitter: @emeraldsong
Selected Writings: Some Hows and Whys of Usability Testing (Gamasutra)

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