The Power of Choice

Have you ever dreamed of having a superpower? If so, great news, your dreams have come true. Bad news, we’re talking because you have not been doing well with your choice training. Yes I am 100% serious. Now pay attention! Try this game to make sure you are really paying attention.

Choice is a fundamental part of game design and development and I often think about it these days. In my thoughts, it has become painfully evident that the most powerful weapon or superpower is choice.


Choose “Yes” or “No”!

Let me explain before you all run off calling me crazy. You see, regardless of what we are talking about, choice is the reason and the answer. Choice is always behind the hero, villain, plan, weapon, objective, or whatever. Someone chose to be, make, speak, write, or do whatever you put in the blank. Our lives themselves are nothing but a string of choices from the moment of birth. We choose to cry, laugh, eat, drink, live, die, kill, heal, help or hurt. The list just keeps going on and on. Choice is in everything from putting our feet in our mouths as babies to killing one another for whatever we choose to be right.

Comic cover inks.

Comic book cover inks.

Think about it! What lies beneath every action or inaction? A choice is always the root. A choice to act or not, the choice to use a weapon or superpower, choice is the ultimate everything. Even when we think that we have no choice. We do! The choice may often not be what we want it to be, but it is still there. Sadly, many people today live reactive lives that blindly follow their liar. What liar you may ask, but you already know the answer.

The answer is you! Every single one of us regardless of nationality, sex, color, or age hides a liar. Don’t believe me? Take a look at these, and we’ll continue on. Don’t worry we will be here waiting when you get back.

The power of choice.

Click On Me!

See, there is a liar in us all. Your brain is a liar. All our brains are and all too often we forget this. We forget that our perception is often not quite reality. It is simply a collection of information that may or may not be true that we must use to make a choice. Choice there it is again right at the root. Choice plays a big role in game development as well.

Rock puzzle paints.

Rock puzzle paints.

You see, if players feel that their choices have no effect on the game and are pointless they will often stop playing, but it also goes deeper than that. The choice to build the game at all, the art you use, the story you tell, the game engine used, also the source of funding. Again I could keep going on and on, but I hope by now, you get the point.

Exit game screen in game.

Exit game screen in game.

Choice is more important than I think most of us realize and it is not just the big choices. It is every single little choice that we make along the way. All of the choices connecting to create an experience like no other because it is the one you personally perceived. Be the superhero or villain (I hope not!) the power is yours and always has been. Think about it and then go forth and make your choices wisely!

Content Created by: Daniel B. King

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