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Hello everyone! Daniel here on behalf of Games Omniverse, I would like to talk for a moment about sharing and share some more of the work that is happening over here at Games Omniverse with the Danika Dire series that we have in the works.

Madame Szonga character inks.

Madame Szonga character inks. Artist: Grace Jensen

Here at Games Omniverse we are proud of the work we are doing. We are also proud of the work others are doing; we’re looking at you, We Happy Few, Astroneer, and Stranger Things. We love to share with you, we enjoy what we see others sharing.

Character testing.

Testing character against painted scenes. Artists: Grace Jensen and Atomic Fox Creations

Character testing.

Testing character against painted scenes. Artists: Grace Jensen and Atomic Fox Creations

This week we are going to be sharing some of our work while talking about this rather important skill. Sharing is fundamentally a part of games. Games are experiences that the developers share with the world. Gamers share their experiences with the developer and their friends. We share our highs, lows, thoughts, critiques, interests, or our loathing. It is easy to see how sharing relates to games. Sharing is not just a fundamental part of games though. It is a fundamental part of our everyday lives.

Jessica Dire sketch.

Sketch of Jessica Dire. Artist: Steeven Labeau

Jessiac Dire WIP.

Jessica Dire – Work In Progress. Artist: Steeven Labeau

Jessica Dire paints.

Paints Of Jessica Dire. Artist: Steeven Labeau

Social media allows us to share our experiences with one another like never before. Social media has also begun to play a role in game development. Many small independent developers use social media to reach out to the world. It has become a place for gamers and developers to interact and share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions. We love hearing what you, yes you, think! We want to hear what you think more often! Telling us what you think is as easy as Forums, Facebook, or Twitter, just you click and see!

Starry Sky puzzle inks.

Starry Sky puzzle inks. Artist: Kent Benson

Combat puzzle art sketch.

Combat puzzle art sketch. Artist: Kent Benson

Not the sort of person who really does online commenting? No worries, you can show your support by hitting like, share, retweet, or any other such share button and share things with you circle of friends. It helps, no really, it does! If you see a project that you have interest in share their stuff it may be the difference between seeing it happen and never seeing it again.

Content Created by: Daniel B. King

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