Giles Wood, Illustrator

Hello, I’m Giles Wood, Managing Director of Atomic Fox Creations, currently based in the United Kingdom. After helping out with some inking for Games Omniverse, We’re now heading up the painting for their interior environments.

I have always had a passion for art & design having studied Design for Film and Television at Nottingham Trent University, achieving a first class Bachelor of Arts degree. It was this course that gave me the opportunity to combine my love of art and visual entertainment, and where I discovered my enthusiasm for concept art, branching out from traditional pencil and paper and learning the art of digital painting.

I have always been an avid gamer in my free time. If I wasn’t drawing I was usually gaming, as far back as my father’s Commodore 64. This passion has followed me throughout life and as I grew up so did the games I played. Video games became more in depth, creative, crafting real stories with emotion that could engage you. With this it was only natural that this love found its way into my career. After spending a number of years in the film industry, I set my sights on creating artwork for video games.

Having worked in the games medium now for a number for years, gaining the valuable knowledge and experience of creating video games, I saw a new opportunity for myself emerge. With the incredible rise of great ‘indie’ titles on Steam, Playstation Network, Xbox Live, and the increasing popularity of the market in the industry, I decided to found my own concept art, design, and illustration company, Atomic Fox Creations.

The purpose of this endeavor is to work closely with small independent companies and individuals providing them with creative artwork solutions for their projects, and sharing that passion and enthusiasm to create something special.

Now working with Games Omniverse, they are creating a game truly crafted around a story driven experience. I was delighted to work with them to help bring this vision to life, as it was these games growing up that truly inspired me to be part of this industry.

Outside of my work, you can still find me either sitting with a gaming controller in hand or scribbling down stories, game ideas, mechanics, and concepts.




Twitter:          @thefoxcreates


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