Jason Mellott, Programming Co-Lead

Greetings, gamers! My name is Jason Mellott and I have the privilege of being the UI Programmer for Games Omniverse. Although a Pennsylvania native (go Phillies!), I currently reside in sunny San Diego, California. Oh, and I absolutely love all things games and gaming!

I wax nostalgic over the Atari 2600 and the handful of Sierra adventure games that my Tandy 1000EX was able to run. I still get a little anxious when I hear the trademark sound of dice glancing off of the table when playing D&D (WHY DO YOU ALWAYS ROLL A 3!?!). I still even reflexively shuffle cards side-over-side due to playing with card protectors on my Magic: The Gathering and Legends of the Five Rings cards.

But most of all, I love making games! I’ve been a game designer, a programmer, and a Quality Assurance tester. Even when I’m off-the-clock I have a design notebook nearby where I can tinker with whatever new game mechanic that dared to pop into my head.

When not making games I’m usually watching my latest obsession on Netflix (it changes from week to week), reading, or making Let’s Play videos on YouTube and spamming people about it on Twitter. Hope see you around!

Twitter: @KrymsonVerse
You Tube: KyrmsonVerse

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