Josh Lilly, Programming Co-Lead

Hello. I’m Josh and I am a programmer/developer for the team here at Games Omniverse. I reside in a tiny little town in Illinois with my beautiful wife and my two amazing children, who all inspire me daily. I graduated and received my B.S. in Game Programming in 2011 and have been trying to scratch my way into the game industry.

Video games have always seemed to play a part of my life in many ways. From my humble beginnings playing Atari and going to arcades with my Mom and Dad (THANK YOU!), all the way up until now with new consoles and PC gaming. I have so many great memories playing games and new ones now that I get to play them with my kids. At an early age I knew I wanted to create games, but the problem leading up until now was how. Now, the real question is “How did I get here?”

While attending college online, because the traditional college route wasn’t going to fit into my life schedule, I met Bridget who also is a team member here at Game Omniverse. Bridget was kind enough to pass my name to the main boss in charge, Angel. Now Angel, she was especially kind and said “Yeah, I guess that guy will do” and I jumped on board sight unseen and no questions asked. True story.

Ok, well that may not be exactly how it happened but that is close enough. Bridget and Angel, I owe you everything for this opportunity, thank you. On that note I am extremely thankful to be a part of such a talented team and look forward to the experience/memories to come.

Oh yeah, more personal stuff…. um, family/friends, games, and music are awesome.

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