Joshua “Dak” Comeau, Illustrator

Hi, My name’s Joshua! I’m a 26-year-old artist chilling out in San Antonio, Texas. I’ve been drawing ever since I was a small kid playing 8-bit games, and taught myself Photoshop before heading to college to make it all official. Now I’m getting out there, ready to bring my art to the world at large!

When I’m not creating art, I play games of all genres, devour sci-fi and fantasy books, love to build plastic model kits, and am learning to cook. And don’t forget role-playing! Tabletop or online, long as I’m rolling dice to smack something in the face I’m happy. I also love mythologies—pretty much all of them. So the chance to draw the kind of mystical stuff you’re gonna see here is fantastic.

I can’t wait to bring the world we’re creating here to your eyes.

Twitter: @DraconicDak

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