Off the Clock: Curtis Bisbee brightens a brew pub

Doing what he loves, Games Omniverse artist Curtis Bisbee has been busy lending his skills to the Iron Spike Brewing Company brewpub. Curtis and fellow artist and friend Deeg Perez started work on Phase 1 of the project with a wrapping piece of art that both supports the brewery’s brand and adds a bit of fun to, well, a less than glorious but very necessary part of the facility.


© Iron Spike Brewing Company


© Iron Spike Brewing Company

After a brief recovery period for their less than happy arms, Curtis and Deeg returned and tackled Phase 2 creating the main floor mural seen below.


© Iron Spike Brewing Company

Meanwhile, along with some other talented artist friends, Curtis continues to contribute to Sketch Please, a private group which is dedicated to helping them keep up motivation and love of art through weekly sketch challenges. Take a look at some of Curtis’ most recent work, in the gallery below and on the website.


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Week 516: Daredevil © Curtis Bisbee

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