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We’re more than just an indie video game design team, we do multimedia storytelling. Not only are we making story-driven video games, we’re also telling a dire multiverse of stories through fiction, a podcast, a tabletop roleplaying game (RPG), and even a tarot deck. These are all works in progress, so sign up for the newsletter to stay abreast of our news.

Dev Diary: From Paper to Pixels

by Curtis Bisbee There comes a time in the development of every artist when they have to drastically change-up the way they’ve been doing things for years, decades even, either because what they’ve been doing up to that point won’t or doesn’t work anymore… or just because they need to try something new. Sometimes… it […]

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Ohmega, Webminister

Hey! I’m Ohmega, full time web-whisperer, fuller time gamer geek. I rock at HOGs and can figure out pretty much any puzzle once I put my mind to it. Guess that’s why the good folks at Games Omniverse hired me on. I love it! Wait ‘til you see the upcoming project. It is beyond cool. […]

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Puzzle Design

From classic adventure puzzle video games like Myst, The 7th Guest, or Alone in the Dark, inventive and challenging puzzles have been an intricate part of the gaming experience. We’ve all been there– alone in a dark crypt or trapped in a decrepit room. You shine a flashlight and see runes carved on the wall. […]

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Dev Diary: Designing the Mud Puppy

Hello everyone, Steeven Labeau of Games Omniverse here. In this Design Development Diary we will be taking a look at the design and development of the Mud Puppy. The Mud Puppy is a tiny monster that you will encounter during your stay at the Dire Mansion in the upcoming Danika Dire© game series. My entire […]

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Everything Means Something

Many games and game development teams explore the “how” of game development. They’ll show new screenshots and videos of work in progress, talk about it with the press, and go over tools and tactics. We at Games Omniverse fully intend to do that. However, we’re asking you to join us on a journey and we […]

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The Importance of Strong Female Characters

“Women are strong. And they live interesting lives. It’s time to tell their stories.” —Angel Leigh McCoy, Game Director at Games Omniverse. With the recent hashtag movements of #WeNeedDiverseBooks and #YesAllWomen, it seems appropriate to discuss strong female characters and their importance in games. Recently, a study determined that women are now the dominant gender […]

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Bringing Characters to Life

One important aspect of a successful video game, that we at Games Omniverse understand, is having a cast of characters worth caring about. An interesting story paired with great gameplay and excellent puzzles can only take the player so far without well-developed characters. Just like in movies and books, we want to cheer for our […]

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Giles Wood, Illustrator

Hello, I’m Giles Wood, Managing Director of Atomic Fox Creations, currently based in the United Kingdom. After helping out with some inking for Games Omniverse, We’re now heading up the painting for their interior environments. I have always had a passion for art & design having studied Design for Film and Television at Nottingham Trent […]

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Support women gamers on your social media.

With our compliments, please use a Woman & Gamer Diversity friendly badge for your website, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else you want to use it. As a woman, I am acutely aware that there are those out there who do not contribute to the misogynist and bigoted attitudes on the internet. Those of us who […]

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Not So Secret Society Game Club Plays…

…another hidden-object adventure game!! Dark Parable: The Little Mermaid and the Purple Tide Click here to watch Parts 2 & 3. Kate, Jen and Angel play the latest in the Dark Parable series. It has a mermaid and a “purple tide” (whatever that means). *wink* The bestselling Dark Parable series continues with The Little Mermaid […]

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Steeven Labeau, Illustrator

Hello, I’m Steeven Labeau. I am an illustrator and environment artist for Games Omniverse. I am currently living in France, but I was born and grew up on the small sunny island of Martinique located in the French West Indies. As a child, I wanted to be a paleontologist, but a love for reading comic […]

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Kent Benson, Illustrator

Hey! I’m Kent Benson. I joined Games Omniverse in December of 2014 as an inker, but have since dabbled in a bit of the concept art part of production. As of now, I am 25 years old and a proud resident of Milwaukee, WI. Last year I started my career in the games industry by accepting a temporary […]

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Off the Clock: Kent Benson

Games Omniverse artist Kent Benson is often busy doodling or writing and not just for us! As with many creative’s, the need for an outlet often goes beyond our every day jobs, and Kent is no different. Kent often revisits designs throughout their lifetime to continue to bring them closer to his imagining with each […]

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