Pamela Rambo, Colorist

Hi! I’m Pamela, and I’ve been coloring comic books for 20 years including such titles as Batman: Shadow of the Bat, Green Lantern, Preacher, Y: the Last Man and many Star Wars titles. I also used to play roller derby with the Rose City Rollers home team Break Neck Betties but decided to retire before I broke a hip. Now I have decided to jump into gaming.

When not sitting at my desk I enjoy playing Left for Dead with my husband and kids—I’m really bad at it—but I prefer playing tabletop games like Elder Signs, Munchkin and Catan.

I also like to play around with special effects makeup. So if you need to be made into a zombie or want a nice, fake open or gaping wounds somewhere on your body for a convention, I’m there. Once summer hits I’ll be heading to the beach or camping in the mountains, listening to tunes like these:

I’m really excited to help bring color to Danika’s world and I’m looking forward to working with all these fine ladies and gents. I can’t wait for my kids to play something I’m involved with!

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