Hey everyone! It’s me, Ohmega! Sooo, I’ve been reading Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse Five.” Interesting take on what happens to people after being in combat. There’s one character in the story who’s convinced he’s experiencing slippages in time. Which got me to thinking about stuff. You know, Albert Einstein said time’s not linear at all. Science and science fiction explore other dimensions, with pervasive theories of parallel universes.

Well, I thought I’d look into things. Here’s some of what I found.

This lady, Lerina Garcia, is a professional, middle aged, respected member of her Spanish society. In July, 2008, she contacted the press to report she’d slipped into another reality. No drugs or mental illness in her system. Just this crazy conviction her existence changed overnight because of some sort of overlying existence.

In this same blog, a man who arrived in Tokyo in the early 1990’s claiming to be from a non-existent country. Well-spoken and versed in European culture, the nicely-dressed man grew indignant about being retained by confused customs officers. After almost 14 hours of questioning, they transported him to a hotel room and guarded him. But get this. When they went to get him in the morning, the mystery man was gone. Disappeared from a room with only one guarded entrance. An extensive search never turned him up.

Check out the article: http://www.ghosttheory.com/2012/01/12/woman-claims-she-is-from-a-parallel-universe

Here’s something on YouTube about the Spanish lady, Lerina Garcia Godo (Lucy):

(Not sure why they chose to use some of these photos. It is a bit weird seeing old-timey film stars and such.) Still, if this lady’s story is true, it’s mind-blowing, huh?

StarStuff posted this Sci program. Physicists give credence to all those “alternate history” books. Starting at the molecular level, science delves into the deepest questions of our existences. It follows bangs and strings and cosmology in an attempt to understand amazing complexities. Few of the most brilliant minds of our time and of the past find the theory of parallel universes unfeasible. Why should we?


Who doesn’t love that crazy old guy William Shatner? This Sci-Fi WTF video explores gateways to alternate universes and other-worldly encounters. Some assert, under proper circumstances, beings from other realities interact as shadow beings. Some people can see these rifts or overlays, and some seek ways to interact. Men seek ways to converse between and within. In 1995 in Belize, explorers found a crystal skull said to convey experiences, deliver messages, and open doorways to other doorways.

Anyways, I know it’s all X-files-y to think this way, but hey! It’s worth looking into. Even scientists think so. Well, I’m off to get some school stuff done. Study, study, study. Let’s see if I can make Dean’s List again.

Until next time, stay curious my friends.

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