Progress – Concept Milestone

Here’s a sample of the concept art we’ve been working on. This is the Library by Delacey Foster. Look at the detail he gave us to work with. So amazing!

We hit a milestone today. A small one, but an encouraging one, nevertheless. We are more than halfway done with the concept art for our environments. This means we’re ready to begin applying line art to the concepts, breaking them out into layered PSDs, and planning exactly what we want to see in each room.

We rely heavily on our concept artists to envision our environments for us. Not everyone has the kind of imagination required, so it’s not as easy as you’d think.

Our concept artists are all contracted and extremely talented. They include Sara Chong, Delacey Foster, Kim Kirsch, Jauhienia Kupracevič, Satine Phoenix, Kristian Sundin, and YdAo.

I found most of them on a website:

— Angel…

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