Sally Jackson, Character Artist

Games Omniverse welcomes freelance artist Sally Jackson. This self-taught talent from Cambridge in the UK can’t remember a time she did not draw. She’s worked on other point-and-click Hidden Object Games and is an avid gamer whose favorites include survivor horror such as Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Fatal Frame. Her taste for the macabre carries over to her movie selections. She lists “Hellraiser,” “Martyrs,” and “REC” as representative of her tastes, and she’s a big fan of the television shows “Twin Peaks” and “Game of Thrones.”

Although she plays with color, Sally’s favorite is red. She admires its passion and the striking, bold statement of red. She listens to ambient music and movie and game soundtracks, but she’s also a fan of the band Rammstein. In her limited spare time, she reads non-fiction history books and enjoys cooking. She used to collect taxidermy until she ran out of space. Most prized in her collection are a mummified cat and a fawn.

Sally and her husband are both involved in the games industry as artists. They raise a black Labrador Retriever named Barry (after Barry from “Resident Evil 1”) and an exotic short-haired cat called Bonjour. Someday soon, Sally hopes to create and publish a graphic novel, and Games Omniverse looks forward to exploring this passion with her when she does.

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