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Hey everyone! I’m taking a break from my freelance webmastering to share something super cool. I think you’ll find it as interesting as I do. In fact, maybe you already heard about it. In any case, I’ve been reading up on indigenous cultures of the Pacific North West (because, well, I live here and it makes sense I should know some stuff), and while researching, I found this news story that has experts baffled.

You know how I find this sort of stuff interesting. Unknown, unsolved, and unusual happenings. They’re all around, after all. Anyway, I thought it was really neat finding this and had to share.

Check out these links and let me know your thoughts:

  • This has modern science in a quandary. Nobody knows what is making these mysterious noises under the arctic ice, and the pings and bleeps are annoying the fish and disrupting undersea life.
  • Then there’s this monster, though there are detractors.
  • And these nautical mysteries are from the Salish Seas.
  • How about this? The article talks about an entire lost city and shows archaeological evidence to support its existence.

Take care, and keep searching, my friends!

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