Top 10 Sneaky Things You Can Do with a Card Deck

by Angel Leigh McCoy and Kerry E.B. Black

10. Leave a creepy calling card. Don’t tell anyone you got the idea from us.

9. Home security! Leave a card in the door crack and it will fall if someone breaks in. Works in drawers too, if you want to catch your Mom snooping in your dresser.

8. Coasters. In a pinch, they’ll save your table!

7. Stuff your bra jock stocking. Everyone loves to find a deck of cards in their stocking!

6. Leave a trail so you can find your way out of the woods. You can get pretty far with 52 cards, and they have great visibility, even in the darkest of forests.

5. Fan. Spread some out to make a fan you can hide behind next time you run into your nemesis.

4. Confuse people. Next time you don’t want to talk to someone, answer all their questions by pulling a card and showing it to them. They’ll go away.

3. Party favors! Give the gift of ongoing fun!

2. Strip poker. Need I say more?

1. Send secret messages with them. For example, give your girlfriend the Queen and King of Hearts, the Ace of Clubs, and the Two of Diamonds to let her know: “You and me, babe, at the dance club. Bring money.”

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