• Dire Multiverse™ Poker Deck


    The enhanced version of this beautiful pair of poker decks has golden metallic ink on the cards and gold foil on the box. They're part of the transmedia storytelling experience of the Dire Multiverse, tied to the audio drama, and to the new HOME BY DARK playset "Riot of Color," available soon as a collaboration between Protagonist Industries and Games Omniverse. We have a limited number, so get yours while they last!

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  • Stories Abound in

    The Dire Multiverse™

    Multimedia storytelling. The vast multiverse contains a plethora of stories just waiting to be told, whether through the tabletop roleplaying game, the short stories, the novels, or the podcast. Come explore with us, and we'll introduce you to whole new dimensions of entertainment!

    The Dire Multiverse™
  • Dire Multiverse™ Audio Drama

    Fascinated by the idea of bearing witness to a real paranormal event, Ella Johansson (aka Ohmega to her online group of urban legend chasers) investigates an apparent supernatural creature without concern for her own safety, but when she attracts the attention of an unearthly being, she must take the danger seriously before someone she cares about ends up dead.

    The Dire Multiverse™ audio drama tells the ongoing story of Ohmega and her band of intrepid online friends who solve mysteries and puzzles for fun. They are on the fast track to discovering that the very nature of their reality is the biggest mystery of all!


The multiverse is vast and full of mystery and danger. Explore it through playing cards, fiction, and an audio drama that follows the adventures of Ohmega and her companions.

Podcast Sponsors

We take two sponsors per podcast episode. You can purchase both slots or only one of the two. You should know that you are not only advertising your product, but you’re also helping us out a great deal, so thank you! Our pricing will change as our audience grows, so get in early. Once you’re […]

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Stranger Than Fiction

Hey there! Hope every 1 enjoys these stranger than fiction videos I found! I just did a major overhaul on the Games Omniverse website, and it looks pretty good if I do say so myself. Looking forward to hanging with the family over the holidays. Not that I never see them. they’re just across town. […]

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Parallel Universes

Hey everyone! It’s me, Ohmega! Sooo, I’ve been reading Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse Five.” Interesting take on what happens to people after being in combat. There’s one character in the story who’s convinced he’s experiencing slippages in time. Which got me to thinking about stuff. You know, Albert Einstein said time’s not linear at all. Science […]

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Strange News Reports from Ohmega

Hey everyone! I’m taking a break from a crazy semester of school to share something super cool. I think you’ll find it as interesting as I do. In fact, maybe you already heard about it. In any case, I’m taking a class on indigenous cultures of the Pacific North West, and while researching, I found this news story, and it has experts baffled. You know how I find this sort of stuff interesting. Unknown, unsolved, and unusual happenings. They’re all around, after all. Anyway, I thought it was really neat finding this and had to share.

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Something to Think On!

Hey there! It’s Ohmega, and I’ve something interesting to share. See, I have this theory. I think there are parallel worlds, and guess what? I’m not alone in my thoughts. Really, alternative dimensions explain so many of our mysteries. Like, unexplained disappearances and stuff like that could be someone falling through a rift. There are […]

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