Captain’s Log: 09.23.2017

My thoughts for today…

When you’re working on an indie game, in your spare time, progress can sometimes seem to crawl. But, I spent some time today looking back on where we started four years ago, and how much we’ve accomplished since then. We began with nothing more than a dream and some chutzpah. There were four of us then. Today, we’ve had more than 50 people contribute to the game. Unbelievable! And we’re still at it. We’ll stay at it until we feel it’s ready to go to the public.

The Dire universe, by definition and by theme, is a transmedia multiverse. From the beginning, we’ve talked about releasing the story of Dire Mansion through different media, including a web-comic, novels, the game chapters themselves, interactive novels, and even an ARG. Well, yesterday, I completed the first draft of our first novel. I’ve sent it out to the other members of Games Omniverse, and I’ll be fielding their feedback soon. I’m also doing another revision pass myself.

I’ve started looking at agents too. It’s important to find the right one, someone who gets what your vision is and who is just as excited about it as you are–or almost. There are a ton of good agents out there. It’s all about finding the right match. So, I’m canvassing the neighborhood, so to speak. Once this first draft is a final draft, I’ll write my query letter and send it off to all the agents I identified as possible good fits. Then, we’ll see what happens!

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