Dire Multiverse Episode 5 – “A Wild Hopping Tale!”

The Dire Multiverse audio drama is the ongoing story of team of friends on the verge of discovering that everything they thought they knew about our world was wrong. All Episodes

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Answers and alliances come at the point of a gun as our heroes try to make it out with their lives intact while learning more about what’s driving Dana Lessington — and one of their own.

Suspend your disbelief.

Episode #5 Cast and Crew

Jennifer Brozek as Dana Lessington

Paris Crenshaw as I.B.I. Agent Paine

Danielle DeLisle as Kitty

Faith Dincolo as Lime

Pete Lutz

Pete Lutz as Grady Dire & George

Cammie Middleton as Deputy Mori 

Angel Leigh McCoy as Ohmega

Michael Yichao as Wick


Music composed and performed by
Andre Bissonnette

Audio engineering and sound design by Curtis Bisbee.

Audio Production by Angel Leigh McCoy
Content Management by Sami Yuhas

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