Costume Cards

by Kerry E.B. Black

With Halloween just behind us and Carnival up ahead, we’re still in the thick of costume season. Need ideas? Playing cards to the rescue!

Of course, we can be literal, turning tiny bits of paper into imaginative costumes. Crowns, hats, hairbows, sashes, dresses, and even cloaks are all within reach if you’ve got the gumption. Masks, eye patches, and fans are less intimidating for the novice crafter, while still packing a great visual punch.

Looking for more of an accent instead? Boutonnières and bouquets are a great way to repurpose your cards into beautiful accessories.

If you’re looking to use the cards for inspiration, rather than as a crafting material, you’ll find no shortage of starting points.

Follow Alice through the looking glass, and transform yourself into one of the decapitation-happy Queen of Hearts’ soldiers with a cleverly-placed foam board or a fun t-shirt.

Venetian masks of 2015 depicting the French playing cards.

Why just stop at soldiers, though? The Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Jokers all offer the potential for impressive costumes — even some professional outlets have taken note!

If you’re still stumped, just take a gander at pop culture. Sure, there’s Gambit from X-Men and Oddjob of Goldfinger fame, but don’t limit yourself. From fortune tellers and magicians to gamblers and saloon girls, there’s no shortage of colorful, card-themed opportunities.

Not so sure of playing cards? The tarot’s Major Arcana offers any number of powerful images to craft into a costume. Or, if you prefer a more modern take, take a peek through any number of Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, or Magic: the Gathering sets.

Feeling inspired? Leave us a comment with your favorite card costume!

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