Curtis Bisbee, Illustrator

Curtis hails from the great state of Illinois, by way of the bustling metropolis of Springfield… a town he came to call home following his many storied years of accreditation at Western Illinois University, and many more less storied years of living in Macomb.

While not having much in the way of formal training, Curtis has been drawing and doodling his way through life since about the time he could first wrap his fat little fingers around a crayon. All through his educational years, he had a habit (good or bad, depending on who you asked…) of filling the margins of his notebooks, desks, and often his textbooks with various doodles, sketches and epic flip-book adventures. A silent rebel streak in high school also led him to dabble in the art of graffiti, a trend which continues to today, though in a much more legal fashion these days.

Most nights Curtis can be found at home with his wife, his two sons, a couple of cats, two goodest doggos, and his tank of fish. Using the quiet time he gets in those magical hours between the kids going to bed and his own eyes slamming shut, he indulges his art bug by working on pieces for and/or Games Omniverse, painting and drawing his own creations or just trying to find a suitable way show the world how awesome he, and by proxy; it, is.

Curtis’s Portfolio

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