Art in Progress!

Here at Games Omniverse we have been moving right along with the Danika Dire series and we wanted to share with you some of the stuff we have had our team working on recently. We have many talented people who help in so many ways that we cannot pass up a chance to share the wonderful art they create in our shared labor of love. Have a look at what we are up to and then drop by the forums and share your thoughts and feedback in our feedback dicussion, This is your chance to make your voice heard come out and tell us what you think!

We recently had our animator Autumn Frazee working on a few things along with the early stages of our opening scene and we put together a short video for everyone to see.  Autumn has been diligently working to animate each of the different parts of the scene and things are really starting to take shape.


Atomic Fox Creations has been hard at work painting our scenes for us. We hope that you will enjoy them as much as we did when they came in. We would all love to hear what you think in our forums.

Art 5.3.guest_hallway_toolbox_night-450x600.png" alt="Art" width="450" height="600" />5.3.guest_hallway_POV1_light-600x338.png" alt="Art" width="600" height="338" />5.3.guest_hallway_POV2_open-600x338.png" alt="Art" width="600" height="338" />

We have been keeping Steeven Labeau busy recently creating some of the art for one of our puzzles. We won’t be giving away any secrets, but we know you will love these illustrations just as much as we have.

Art Art Art Art

We really hope you have enjoyed your inside look at the art that is in progress here at Games Omniverse. We would all really love to hear what you think about these pieces and we hope that you will take a few minutes to drop by our forums and leave your thoughts or feedback for us!

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